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LignoGate is a unique Forest Products focused business based in Helsinki area. We provide business development support for its clients in Bioforest industry. We have a wide range of bio-processing knowledge, qualification and experience. Our service is not only consultation in business development, but also providing real data produced from the detailed chemical analysis in our research facility. We are primarily focused on Bioforest industry since we have a unique advantage in it. 

Akio Yamamoto, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Forest Products Specialist
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Dr. Akio Yamamoto is an educated technical specialist in wood chemistry, biomass engineering and solid wood processing. His qualifications and experience reinforced by both academia and industry cover a multitude of criteria including biochemical engineering, water science, pulp & paper technology, wood science and market research in the area of these industries. As a native of Japan, he understands the market environment and cultural features of the Japanese market. Dr. Yamamoto is also a scientist who has more than ten peer-reviewed scientific articles and is a co-author of three industrial patents. His recent research interests include pine chemical, wastewater treatment and plant maintenance.



With over 15 years of science experience, we can provide the following services: 

Market Analysis and Consulting Service



We are specialized in the Japanese Forest Products market.


  • Evaluation of market potential, market opportunity, competition and possible business partners.

  • Create B-to-B business opportunities in Finland and Japan.

  • Find out your potential business partners in the Japanese market.

  • Trading and build up business strategy for IPRs, 

  • Suggestions and recommendations for your business strategy 


  • Review on the technologies and ongoing research in the area of Forest Products, water treatment, biochemical engineering

  • Consulting and education on wood chemistry and technical issues in Forest Products Industry (e.g. discoloration of wood and migration of wood extractives etc.)



Chemical analysis and Mechanical property tests

in Forest Products Technology

Since we are specialised in the field of processing lignocellulosic biomaterials, our test report comprises scientific and easily understandable detailed contents. The laboratory work is conducted in a research facility with a wide range of high-quality equipment where we have a great partnership with.


Examples that we offer in this service;

  • Chemical analysis by GC-MS(FID), FT-IR.

  • Basic biomass fractions;

    • Lignin content (Klason + acid soluble)

    • Polysaccharide content and composition

  • Mechanical property test on wood materials (MOE, MOR)

  • Thermal analysis such as TGA, DSC, DVS​

  • Water analysis

    • Nitrogen content 

    • TOC, BOD, COD

We act in accord with the European Standard EN 16114:2011 Management consultancy services.

If on the rare chance we can't do it, we'll help you find someone suitable who can.


If there's anything you'd like to discuss you can send us a message.

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