Market Analysis

We are specialized in the Japanese Forest Products market.

  • Evaluation of market potential, market opportunity, competition and possible business partners.

  • Create B-to-B business opportunities in Europe and Japan

  • Find out your potential business partners in Japan

  • Diagnosis of your business market potential in Japan

  • Support to build up research proposals for collaborative R&D projects

  • Consulting on acquisition of JAS certificate of the relevant wood  products

  • Investigation of the IPRs 

  • Suggestions and recommendations for your business strategy 

Consulting Service in Forest Products Technology

Since we are specialised in the field of processing of lignocellulosic biomaterials, our report comprises scientific , but easily understandable detailed contents.

we also offer the following services;​

  • Review the technologies and ongoing research in the area of Forest Products, water treatment, biochemical engineering

  • Consulting and education on wood chemistry and technical issues in Forest Products (e.g. discoloration of wood and migration of wood extractives etc.)

We act in accord with the European Standard EN 16114:2011 Management consultancy services.

If on the rare chance we can't do it, we'll help you find someone suitable who can.

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